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Congratulations!  Considering life coaching is a great step in beginning a transformational process that can truly change the direction of your life! I should know – with the help of life coaching, I have made real lasting changes in my life.  So if you have ever asked yourself, “Am I living my best life?” or “I have a good life, but I feel like I was meant to do more,” life coaching may be a great option for you.  Maybe you want to serve others more, overcome a limiting mindset, live in your purpose, accomplish a goal, or achieve better life balance – no matter what stage of life you are in, life coaching can help.  Should you choose to partner with me in a coaching adventure, I would be honored to assist you on your journey!

With over 20 years-experience in both corporate and university environments and a Master’s Degree in Communication, coaching was a natural step for me.  As a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach, I am passionate about the opportunity to utilize my communication background to help others live their lives out loud!

Whatever direction you choose regarding life coaching, I encourage you to live your life passionately, fully, and brilliantly!  This is something I personally work on each day and make no mistake – some days it can be WORK!  Life is about the journey – not about perfection.  One day we knock it out of the park, and the next day... not so much.   Give yourself grace and just keep doing the next right thing.  If you're ready to start living your life out loud, let's chat!

About Courtney

"Working with Courtney has been an incredible experience. I've been fortunate to have several mentors and "coaches" throughout my life, but Courtney is different.  She's held me accountable while helping me break down the broader "fuzzy" areas of life into tangible action steps toward lasting change.  My biggest accomplishment thus far has been learning to say "no" without apology.  With Courtney's guidance, I've come to realize that my time is no less valuable than someone else's. I'm now reclaiming ownership of my time & my value. That alone is life-changing!"         ~ Gina